The No1 Digital Reservations and Customer Reltations management tool for restaurants. Increase your revenues by making your customers loyal.

Digital Reservations & Tables management tool for restaurant, Customer relations management tool for restaurants

Digital Reservations & Tables management tool for restaurant, Customer relations management tool for restaurants, Restaurants clientele management tool, Tables management application for restaurants.


An introduction to Innopolium

The company

Innopolium PC was founded 10 years ago by three ambitious young men, professionals in the fields of Management and IT, who shared a common dream of reforming restaurant services into unique recreational experiences for their customers. Our company's main product is i - host, the first reservations e - book for restaurants, hotel restaurants and similar entertainment - offering enterprises that accept and manage reservations.

As of now, i - host is already used by the most popular restaurants and hotels of our country to manage their reservations and their customer lists.

Core Values

Reliability: We are at your disposal anytime you may need us. You can trust the experienced executives of our company for the satisfaction of all your needs and the solution to any problem you may face.

Cooperation morale: For Innopolium, every one of you presents a co-operation opportunity on the basis of a common vision. It is the vision of reforming your touristic product in a way that upgrades your services and leads your customers to unique and unforgettable recreational and hospitality experiences.


After Innopolium won several Greek and international contests, some of the greatest and most reliable organisations of the country have accompanied us on our journey. For instance, thanks to the Start-up Support Proggrame EGG (Enter - Grow - Go), we are supported by Eurobank, by "Corralia", the first Organisation to support Innovation in the country, by the Hellenic Federation of Enterprizes (SEV) and by the Municipality of Athens.

We warmly thank anyone who has contributed to our effort and all those who continue to support us.