The No1 Digital Reservations and Customer Reltations management tool for restaurants. Increase your revenues by making your customers loyal.

Digital Reservations & Tables management tool for restaurant, Customer relations management tool for restaurants

Digital Reservations & Tables management tool for restaurant, Customer relations management tool for restaurants, Restaurants clientele management tool, Tables management application for restaurants.


The No1 Digital Reservation Book for restaurants

Earn customer loyalty,
by offering every visitor a unique recreational experience

The No1 Digital Reservation Book for restaurants

Permanently improve your revenues,
by tempting every customer to return

The enterprise INNOPOLIUM IKE is co-financed by Greece and the European Union - European Regional Development Fund.

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What is i-host?

i-host is the absolute digital tool for reservation, table and customer relationship management utilized by restaurants, hotel restaurants and other similar businesses. It is installed and runs on one or more tablets and is used by the business personnel in charge of managing reservations instead of paper or calendar notes. It helps to optimize the service through tending to each customer’s individual needs and reservation details.

Who is i-host targeted towards?

i-host is designed for and targeted towards casual dining restaurants, all-day bar-restaurants, fine dining restaurants, bistros, hotel restaurants and all similar recreation businesses that accept and manage reservations.

How does i-host work?

i-host is an application that is installed and runs on one or more tablets not necessarily connected to a wi-fi network. Moreover, “i-host pocket” is an application that allows all-round the clock remote access to the reservations status and enables the registration and management of reservations with any smartphone or tablet.

Tables management

The assignment of daily reservations to the appropriate tables is a constant challenge. Thanks to i-host, you can have a full picture of table availability any time you need it. With simple steps, you can make a digital floor plan of all spaces in your restaurant and modify it as many times as needed. The app also features a tool that performs all necessary logical and arithmetic processes to effectively suggest the most suitable tables for each reservation and help you during rush hour periods.

Customer Registry

For the first time, you can have an organized customer registry. i-host allows you to save the characteristics and the preferences of every single visitor of your restaurant. View each customer’s visit history any time and handle each situation the best way possible. Use this data during future customer to upgrade your customer service and offer unique recreational experiences.

Comprehensive Management

Gain access to the daily reservations status through your smartphone, tablet or PC from anywhere. Watch every shift’s flow and be informed of any changes the moment they happen and, when needed, remotely register or modify reservations. You can also view useful reports showing reservations history and daily visitor traffic.

New Customers

If you are interested in turning your restaurant’s website or Facebook page into a new customer acquisition page, the i-Reserve Service is the most reliable and effective solution available in the market. You may specifically define the availabilities for both booking channels, and the consumers can complete their online reservations automatically using the website or through your Facebook page. All the online reservations will automatically reach i-host and will be grouped together with the telephone ones.

Our online reservations service allows for accepting pre-payments prior to any reservation's submission by your restaurant's customers, while it also allows you to temporarily store your visitor's credit card details, enabling you to charge them in case of a no-show. All the transactions are conducted securely in cooperation with the most renown and reliable online payment providers globally.

Shift Management

Forget all delays or mistakes during customer arrivals. i-host reservations list is simple and practical and gives you access to all information necessary so you can offer each customer optimal and personalized service from their arrival to their departure. Invest your time in what is really worth: communication with your customers!


i-host was conceptualized taking into account the characteristics of the most successful restaurants and hotels in the Greek market and was developed to suit their needs. The application has also adopted the best international practices, which have been redefined in line with local sensitivities, to best suit the needs of the Greek restaurant culture.


Simplicity is the dominant characteristic in i-host’s environment. Browse through three screens and complete all procedures swiftly, with just a few clicks.


The installation and operation of i-host does not require the installation of any other system. The application operates autonomously, with a mere installation on your tablet.


i-host was designed on the grounds of offering the user an unforgettable browsing experience. Interaction with it is pleasant and entertaining. Browse through screens with discreet colorings and fine drawings.

Restaurant industry is really competitive.
Stand out by adopting i-host.

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Innopolium developed i-host, an application with a vision to reform restaurant hospitality services
into unique recreational experiences for their visitors.

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